Studio 2

Studio Two: Many Mayas

Studio Two is an exploration of different forms of media of the poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ by Maya Angelou, specifically Written version and the Video version.

Below are the answers to section One.

  1. Both Versions are the same in that both the Written and the Video versions both have the poem itself and the meaning of it intact. The two versions also are similar is that they also follow the same sort of flow that a poem would have with its stanzas and rhyming.
  2. How the Video versions and the Written version differ is that with the written version of the poem, the reader can imagine what the writer of the poem is talking about in their own mind with their own voice. But with the Video versions, the listener/watcher (specifically with the second video) has imagery with a voice reading the poem. In a way, this takes away from the reader.
  3. I feel that the poem is telling an ideal in a way that is pulling my mind (as a reader) into the world of the writer of the poem. I feel like this poem is telling what a woman -who is truly independent from the notions of beauty society gives to – feels about herself.  
  4. To an audience who want to imagine and generate an imagery of the what the poem is talking about on their own, I would recommend the written version of the poem because it gives readers more freedom to imagine. The Video Versions are still good in their right in that it allows for listeners to hear the poem and imagine someone talking to them about it.      

Below are the answers to section Two.

  1. To me, I think they are extremely similar to one another in that they both tell the same story, but are slightly different in one way. The poem itself focuses on one women but the comic pulls the view out and emphasises all women and not just one.  
  2. One main difference is between the written version and the comic is that instead of showing random images that relate to the poem, the comic retells a sections of the writer’s life and visualised the comic’s theme of female independence and strength. In addition, it does not focus on one person but women as a whole.
  3. The tone I feel from the comic version is a feeling of energy like one is not being held back and choosing to move forward with life.
  4. The comic shows the meaning of the poem in the panels. In terms of styling and artistic choice, it does broaden who is speaking in the poem because more than a single women is represented.   
  5. In terms of accessibility, the comic itself is a good way to get the poem out to readers, but the site it is on seems fairly limited. Mainly for the reason is that in comparison to sites like Youtube, the likelihood of seeing the poem is much greater on a site like Youtube.

Below is the answer to section Three.

  The Comic chosen:

I am not sure where to start with my responce, but I can say that the comic shared an all to honest truth about people. This truth is that those that work hard and don’t stop are often the ones to achieve their dreams and goals while those that stand idly by and dream are not able complete their goals.

I love this comic just for doing that, to show people that the only way to get something done is to go out and get it yourself. I thank the writer and artist for sharing this fact of life.



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